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The Real Karma

When I first started posting on www.healthyplace.com, I noticed the concept Karma in my Profile. Next to the concept Karma there were 5 grey stars. I had no clue what this meant. After a few months I noticed that slowly more and more of the five stars were lighting up in sky-blue color. The more active you are on Healthyplace, the better your Karma.

The “grey-stars-turning-to-sky-blue-stars-concept” is very aligned with what I believe about karma. For me karma is a very practical notion. Good karma doesn't come only with regular meditation or prayer. It comes from doing good deeds for the people around you or for the people on the net.

Of course it helps, if you meditate, because in that way you are more inclined to do good deeds. However, being spiritual only when you say your prayers or utter your “Oom”-s and then going out of your room and yelling at somebody for no righteous reason is definitely no good karma. The real good karma is a real-life good deed or a virtual-life supportive post on the net.

Of course there is a limitation to this general rule. Hereby I mean situations when we are exploited by selfish people. In such situations we are supposed to “pack our bags” and go do good deeds somewhere else.

In addition to that there is another limitation: your well-being. If you are going through a mental illness episode or suffer from a physical illness, it’s your duty to take care of yourself first. Take your time, get well and you will be back later. Of course sometimes it feels good to help others and forget about one’s own trouble for a while. Nonetheless be cautious. If you notice that www-chat makes you even more tired, it’s time for a break, a walk in nature for example.

Writing posts can also be viewed as writing therapy and too much therapy can bring trouble. We need the right dosage.

You can ask me more about my experience with self-help forums: bb.bukle@gmail.com.

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