ponedeljek, 26. marec 2012

The Swan

The Swan

It happens often in our lives that we find it difficult to tell right from wrong. But what we can always do is try not to make things worse than they are. Freedom is a big word these days and so are the rights. I am afraid that in the light of giving more and more rights to people and animals, we might be forgetting the duties. One of them being to respect the freedom of others.

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ponedeljek, 19. marec 2012

Mental Health Consumers

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Joe Kraynak, co-author of ‘Bipolar Disorder for Dummies’, posted his review of my book Balancing the Beast on PsychCentral. Having been reminded again that the expression 'mental patient' is offensive I finally took care of my mistake.

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ponedeljek, 12. marec 2012

The Selfless Plants

Do you remember photosynthesis from school? I did not exactly understand it at the age of 12, so I dug deeper into text books and finally got it: »Plants must be the selfless creatures ever.« All they do all their life is work for us.

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ponedeljek, 05. marec 2012

You Don't Necessarily Need a Scholarship

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