ponedeljek, 31. oktober 2011

No Sweat No Glory

Do you like advertisements like ‘lose weight without any diet or exercising’ or ‘yoga for the lazy’? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then my writing is not your cup of tea. If you are looking for a magic trick to solve your mental or emotional problems, do not buy my book. It is not worth paying 12.50 $ for something that is not going to help. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2011/no-sweat-no-glory

ponedeljek, 17. oktober 2011

Respect Thy Parents

We all have to learn how to say No in certain situations. Even to our parents, who took care of us. Respecting parents has a limit – the limit is the respect for ourselves. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2011/respect-thy-parents

ponedeljek, 10. oktober 2011

The Age of Aquarius

In my opinion the Age of Aquarius among other things means a shift in our thinking regarding our freedom. In the former millennium the humanity has fought for freedom. However, it was the famous philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre already who anticipated today’s chaos and confusion, when he affirmed that “Freedom was a heavy burden.” Read more: