ponedeljek, 18. september 2017

Judging People by Their Profession

In an ideal world, one would only be judged on the basis of one’s integrity. Read more about judging. Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 04. september 2017

The Primary Essence of Fear

I have found out recently that my anxiety is in a way primary and the reason for it are secondary. Read more about my views of anxiety. Take care, Helena Smole

sreda, 23. avgust 2017

ponedeljek, 07. avgust 2017

Summer Holidays’ Musings

Like most holidays in the heat season my husband and I made what is slowly becoming a traditional compromise. Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 05. junij 2017

About Being Competitive

Staying honest is, in my opinion, much more valuable than any success measured in terms of money, titles, awards, records or the number of books one has written. Take care, Helena Smole