ponedeljek, 30. september 2013

To revenge or to forgive or to ignore

“The weak revenge, the strong forgive, the intelligent ignore.” The saying came at the right moment, for I was entangled in an irrelevant matter that was best ignored. I took some time to ponder about the wise words and realized that the upper words of wisdom need examples. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2013/to-revenge-or-to-forgive-or-to-ignore Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 16. september 2013

The Curious Incident with the Dog in the Daytime

In my opinion people, who are inclined to fall mentally ill, are especially sensitive to negative energy spread by the downers or the so called glass-is-half-empty people. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2013/the-curious-incident-with-the-dog-in-the-daytime Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 02. september 2013

Close encounter with Feri Lainscek

Golden age will not be announced on TV. Every individual has to decide to be honest and noble and thus the Golden age begins for him or her. No Sweat No Glory. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2013/close-encounter-with-feri-lainscek Take care, Helena Smole