ponedeljek, 31. avgust 2015

Sing along, fellow women, men and dwarfs

Izzy the Dwarf later gets a singing companion. He and his new friend Vivvy, a compassionate lady, soon go beyond performing and decide to include the audience. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2015/sing-along-fellow-women-men-and-dwarfs Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 17. avgust 2015

Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships

The couple gets all the couples therapy they could want, but they still have to find a way through their conflicts on their own. This novel is a fairy-tale after the fairy-tale. It shows the reader what happens after the lady and her prince charming have found each other. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2015/vivvy-and-izzy-the-dwarf-a-series-about-relationships Take care, Helena Smole

sreda, 05. avgust 2015

Ah, Fears!

We talk about our fears with other people. In my opinion it would be a lot more effective to try to conquer the fears alone, at least most of them. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2015/ah-fears Take care, Helena Smole