petek, 26. julij 2013

A brand new five-star-review for my book by a psychiatrist from USA

Balancing the Beast: A Bright View of Schizoaffective Disorder is a wonderful book which does a great job explaining schizoaffective disorder. It is very well written and easy to read. It covers the differential diagnosis and various treatment options. This is a great book for both psychiatrists and their patients. I give it a 5 star Excellent rating. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL Get the book here:

ponedeljek, 22. julij 2013

The irresistible extremes

It is true that Aristotle wrote about the golden middle or in other words about moderation in all things, but this is usually the toughest way of life. Exaggeration on the other hand is a lot easier. Why? Because one does not have to think and make decisions about how to reach the golden middle. One simply exaggerates in everything and makes oneself and others believe that one is right. Read more: Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 08. julij 2013

Pussy Riot in Fashion

Do not wait for some clever people from the top to persuade the modern fashion industry to stop torturing us by denying us the fat-ars-rights. Rebel today! Read more: Take care, Helena Smole