ponedeljek, 30. januar 2012

Are You Really Lonely?

First check, if you are really lonely or you just feel that way, because you do not open up to anyone. One can open up only to a friend one can trust. Surely there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. To be able to make good friends, you should be a good friend first. Read more:


ponedeljek, 23. januar 2012

Shifting Your Point of View

Seriously, can the media really manipulate us to such an extent that we stop believing in the grain of good in all people? Switch them off. Find your own mentors on-line that strive to develop kindness in their own hearts and your life will be yours again.

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ponedeljek, 16. januar 2012

Winter Holidays

Why look for a better thing, if you are happy with the one you have got?
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torek, 03. januar 2012

Courage and Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear. Many brave people have said that. So what is the relationship between courage and fear then? Courage might actually be the other side of the same coin. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2012/courage-and-fear