ponedeljek, 23. junij 2014

Virtual Reality as Modern Imagery Mental Work

What if we could use VR as imagery? Instead of repeating affirmations like : “I am healthy,” we could actually feel healthy through modern technology. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2014/virtual-reality-as-modern-imagery-mental-work Take care, Helena Smole

ponedeljek, 16. junij 2014

The Trap of Success

To have a job that you like and making ends meet is enough. It also leaves enough time and energy for health, family and friends. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2014/the-trap-of-success Take care, helena smole

ponedeljek, 09. junij 2014

Practical Religion

Even if there is only this life and death means the definite end of us, it pays to be ethical. Why? You will always have friends to share joy and sadness with. Read more: http://www.helenasmole.com/2014/practical-religion Take care, Helena Smole